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I didn’t think Welcome to Night vale could get any weirder but then they let the Glow Cloud join the school board.

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the first Cecil if from September 2013 and the second is from August 2013


i want to dedicate this to videntefernandez cause his earl harlan just owns my heart 〜( ̄▽ ̄)〜

i may continue this if i stop feeling…

( つ゚Д゚)つ OMG! EARL!

lyrics: Brendan maclean - stupid


I am glad to have such educated and wonderful listeners!

It makes me feel safe to see I would be in good hands if something were to happen, thank you!

✫ Cecil/Carlos


11. Barista!AU (NOOOOOO! XD)

Listeners, you remember a few weeks back when I viciously disparaged baristas with their Newsboy caps and desire to push their over-priced, over-complicated coffee creations on us? Well, I have to say I’ve really turned a corner.

That new stranger in town, we have found out his name is… Carlos, he seems to be a barista as well. But not like the other baristas.

For one thing, he does not wear a Newsboy cap, as per the barista uniform code. Which is a good thing because a cap would inhibit the view of his perfect, perfect hair.

For another, he has been seen wearing a… long, white lab coat instead of the argyle sweater vests and knit ties, also part of the barista uniform code.

And when he makes coffee, it is not from an unlicensed espresso machine, but from a Mr. Coffee like the kind you can buy at Wal*Mart. And his coffee is so simple. No syrups, no whipped cream, no steamed milk which is just… ugh unnecessary. Just black, and occasionally, with sugar.

Other baristas are claiming he is an insult to the name barista and are trying to shun him out of the barista district. They say not only is his coffee boring and unimaginative, but he refuses to take orders saying, “Wait, how did you get in?”, “This is my lab!”, “I said ‘scientist from afar’ not ‘barista with a bar’!”.

Well, listeners, I support this new and unpretentious barista in our midst. It is time that we stop pretending that spiraled whipped cream with caramel syrup on it is a culinary masterpiece or that a caffeinated dessert beverage can truly be called coffee. I think it’s all time we returned to the unvarnished, bitter truth because if we can’t drink coffee the way it is, how will we ever be able to handle the unvarnished, bitter truths of life? So I encourage you all to support our new basic barista and I will be getting our studio coffee exclusively from Carlos, the barista.


A lazy little comic based on this crack headcanon of mine.  Dedicating it to holdyourchocobos (who seemed amused by the idea) because she was feeling down recently and I said I’d draw her something to help cheer her up.  Hope this does the trick!

P.S. if anyone spots the extremely vague references I made to the other fandoms included in the headcanon… you win something.  Probably more silly drawings.


i feel like gravity falls is a kid version of welcome to night vale. like, seriously, we’re just gonna accept the fact that there’s zombies and bottomless pits and dream demons ??? okay.

Me talking to my boyfriend: I go to public school, son! I’ve got ghetto down!

That’s a lie I’m really white.

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Dogs are not allowed in the dog park.

People are not allowed in the dog park.

Do not approach the hooded figures in the dog park.

Do not approach the dog park AT ALL.

Do not even think about the dog park.

Fences are electrified and dangerous.

Obviously do not touch the fences.

The dog park will not harm you.

The fence will not harm you.

Nothing will harm you.


Okay so I’m not sure if this is a thing already, but picture this:

Dean and Sam somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona or Nevada or where ever, and them driving in the middle of the desert and Dean’s car running out of gas in the middle of the desert, but they can see a town about a mile or so away,…